Saturday, June 23, 2007

WCB # 107 - Catfluences

A very regal looking lionsculpture in Kungsträdgården (King's Garden), Stockholm. Very nicely chiseled, almost a bit scary in looks...
This weekend's catblogging is not going to be about my cats in particular, but about cats in general, making pawprints all over.

These past few years it's been sort of a very small hobby of mine to discover, document and now and then acknowledge these catfluence everywhere. In the public realm as well as the more private. Quite the fun thing to do, it really open your eyes for all the interesting an exquisitive details that can be found everywhere.
061120 056
A small lion as a waterhose device, Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery), Stockholm.
060801 012
A lioness showing off her good side in Bredäng, suburb to Stockholm.
060922 019
A different kind of mousetrap can be found on a backstreet of Stockholm. Love the looks of those sculptures!
060801 009
This cat part of the giant puzzle has adorned the subway station of Bredäng ever since I was a child. Cute!
070616 022
Another cat and mouse play, Resarö Marina, some miles north of Stockholm.
060926 017
In Stockholm we even have one of the oldest blocks of houses in the city being named after cats - like the Cat Alley, the Cat Tail Alley, the Catfoot Smaller, the Catback, the Grimalkin Bigger, etc etc. Quite a charming area with a very special ambiance to it. Of course.

Have you ever thought about how often different cat-beings appear and most often show great posture and even stand guard in townscapes all over the world? And how very different in looks and personality they seem to be?
vinter 2006 110
This impressive lion having a bit of a laze at Strömbron in Stockholm, keeping an eye on the world passing by the Parliament building and the Royal Palace.
This fierce looking lion guards a lamp-post at the diplomat-block in Oslo, Norway.
tyskland 2006 030
This uppish looking one can be found in Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful!
060730 011
Sometimes they act like waterpipes, like this one at Mälsåker Castle, Sweden.
tyskland 2006 058
Sometimes they've been guarding the city gates for centuries and gotten really dirty, Lübeck, Germany.
köpenhamn april 2006 101
They keep us mere mortals safe from harm when killing deadly snakes, like outside Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sydafrika 2007 152
And they sure know how to make an everlasting impression! These sets of pawprints I found at the open air lapa in Schotia game reserve, ZA.

So why not have a look around for catfluences in the city/village-scape the next time you're out and about? I bet you'll find them where one might least expect them!
camper 003
Of course it's pretty crucial to have comfy footwear while scouting for catfluences - like one of my favourite twin ones from Camper, Cats & Dogs. How appropriate!

This week's WCB is kindly hosted by Scamperdude - see you there!


sher said...

Thank you so much for that post! I loved looking at the pictures--and will return to study them even more.

Per Stromsjo said...

Now there are some serious paw prints all over the place! My favourite is the lioness in Bredäng. She looks so cool.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love the cats on picture 4 and 6... Great set of photos!

ScamperDude said...

Hi Pia!

Thanks for the wonderful tour in this week's WCB!


Pia K said...

Thanks everyone!

My personal favourites are the mouse-trap installation and the uppish looking lion in Copenhagen - he was/is very special:)

heidikins said...

Oooh! I love the lion sculptures! Definitely my favorite.


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